Update—GBCI Guards Murder: No Charges, No Acknowledgement

New GBCI hires from a 2018 recruitment drive.

On May 13th 2021, Restrictive Housing Unit (RHU) staff and guards at Green Bay CI murdered someone. We have heard from a few people who are also being held at GBCI that his name was Antonio Whatley. Despite having called GBCI, sent email inquiries to its administrators and the sheriff’s department, and filed records requests (for the victim’s name and DOC number, as well as daily shift logs), we have yet to receive any information about this from the DOC.
The information we have received we are going to share here, but in the interest of protecting the people who are helping us stay informed, we will be publishing their words anonymously. They have several reasons to be concerned for their safety—both in general, and specifically when they are sharing information the guards don’t want to be shared. Retaliation that prisoners experience from guards is real, torturous, and potentially deadly.

Wisconsin’s prison staff engage in retaliation and torture routinely. Forum for Understanding Prisons has documented a fraction of these incidents. In 2016 the death rate sky-rocketted, especially at GBCI following a coordinated hunger strike.

The Letters

The following information came to us directly from inside Green Bay CI.


I am in Green Bay Correctional. Today is May 13th, 2021. There is some important information I’m about to tell you and I would like you to report this-on May 13, 2021 at Green Bay Correctional institution between the hour of 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM, there was a murder committed by Department of Corrections staff on the restricted housing 300 wing. I heard officers talking about they refused an inmate his heart medicine for about a week or more however Department of Corrections might tell the public the inmate refused his medication that is a lie. I witnessed other inmates talking about the inmate who died on the 300 wing today informed correctional officers that he was having health problems and could not get out of his bed however the inmate never refused his heart medication. Staff wrote down he refused his heart medication everyday and refused the inmate food. Staff were aware that the inmate was old and suffered from heart problems. That is not right that we witnessed a murder committed by the Department of Corrections.


They have killed another inmate down here in solitary. They didn’t give the inmate his medication for about four days and that four days was when Lieutenant ROZMARYNOSKI started working down here in solitary. And on Thursday when the … people was about to come get the dead body some inmate was yelling for help they are killing us down here. The RHU captain, Captain ELSINGER James told them they will be placed on control if they don’t stop yelling for help. and some stop yelling an some didn’t. So all the inmates who didn’t stop yelling was placed on control and their property was taken away from them. And you know this inmate, he was next door to the inmate who has died :[redacted] I don’t know his DOC number,  but [redacted] will give you more information about the inmate they have killed. And the crazy think was that after they have find out the inmates have died, they have left him in the room so they can go cover up what really took place in 300 wing for the past four days. And all the officers and captain ELSINGER and Lieutenant ROZMARYNOSKI they have ordered pizza and they were out there at laughing about it like there’s nothing had happened at all. You can see all the abuse that is going on down here [redacted] and this abuse is not going to stop at all not now and not forever we are as black inmates we are nothing but bedspace to them and dollar signs. They’ve been looking out for their own kind as the white inmate other than that all the other inmates get killed and picked on just like that. Take care of yourself out there an  I’m do the same down here. 


And I have new important information how the inmate they killed in the RHU unit.

The inmate name was Antonio Wily i think and he had a heart problem and he used a wheelchair. So RN Rachel Matushak told officer ARNY to bring him out for HSU appointment so officer ARNY went to go get the inmate so the inmate told officer ARNY he need his wheelchair so officer ARNY left and told the RN Rachel Matushak he don’t want to come out he revise. So the RHU RN Rachel Matushak came and told the inmate can you sign this revise form for you not wanting to come out for the HSU. The inmate told RN Rachel Matushak he didn’t revise he told officer ARNY he need wheelchair, so then RN Rachel Matushak and officer ARNY revise his medical treatment. So before the inmate died he had told someone on the wing to call his sister that he was going to die and the inmate had died. And when the staff find out the inmate had died RHU captain ELSINGER went inside of the cell while the inmate was still laying in his cell dead. Captain ELSINGER went inside and cleaned all the evidence that the inmate who had died left behind. And then they had called the brown county police department to investigate, that why brown county never find any evidence in the cell …

My life will be in danger if I tell this to anyone or came forward with this information to the police. I sworn under penalty of perjury to be true to the best of my personal knowledge. 

Signed on this 23rd day of May 2021 [redacted]


It was this  guy who they put down the hallway from me in seg. He had heart problems. A officer came to his door and ask if he want to go to HSU and he said yes I do but I need a wheelchair. The officer yelled at him and said “you can walk you don’t need a wheelchair and I’ll tell them that we refuse HSU.” He walked off and came back 30 minutes later with a seg nurse who don’t care about inmates and she say “you want to sign your refusal” “and he say “I didn’t refuse I need a wheelchair.” The officers say “you can walk. Do not getting a wheelchair.” He tried to explain what’s going on with his health but she say “I’m not here to talk about health issues.” Then they walked off. At breakfast time they found the guy in his cell dead all because they didn’t take him serious they just murdered that man for no reason and that’s crazy …  It’s a inmate on this this wing who called his sister and told her what went down because you know these people going to try to cover it up.

Where are we now?

At this point, after contacting local authorities and demanding a thorough investigation — which includes interviewing every single prisoner held on that tier without staff supervision — and reaching out to multiple journalists, we have yet to see any coverage of this outside of our own. 

The brown county sheriff’s department did not conduct a thorough investigation, but instead completed a simple routine investigation, and after talking only with RHU staff, concluded that nothing nefarious took place. All our attempts to share this information with journalists seem to have fallen on deaf ears as well.

We have also shared this information with Rep. Evan Goyke, who is on the Committee on Corrections, but aside from a standard response and “thank you” for the information, there has been no further communication.

We will continue to press the DOC for the information we have asked for. After re-submitting an inquiry for daily shift logs and the name and number of the prisoner who was murdered in Green Bay CI. Despite requirements thatwe received the following note from the office of records management:

Your request was received and is currently in progress.  You will be notified when it is completed.  Please use the reference number when requesting updates on your request (R001361-051721).

It is clear that they want to sweep this under the rug, pretending that nothing out of the ordinary happened. Unfortunately, maybe that isn’t wrong—nothing out of the ordinary did happen. Guards and prisons torture and kill people. That’s their function. Just last week, two men were found dead at Racine County Jail.

So what can we do? 

Fewer people held in prison means fewer opportunities these sadists have to take lives. The Governor has the power to reduce the prison population using pardons and commutations. Please sign and share our petition. If Evers meets our demands, it will result in the decarceration of Wisconsin’s prisons.

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