Workshop resources for Tuesday August 31

These are resources to help participants prepare for our interactive abolitionist workshop on Tuesday August 31, 2021.

Event Details:

Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts
926 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI
Donations accepted for JGCA and SHUTEMDOWN2021

Description: Join us for a potluck and interactive two-part abolitionist workshop. In part one, we envision prison abolition not as an abstract ideal or long-term aspiration, but as a force growing within from the rebellions of prison captives. In part two, we learn practical lessons about how to achieve restorative justice through international solidarity with Indigenous-led anticolonial autonomous movements in northeast Syria and the southeast Mexican region of Chiapas.

Fully vaccinated people are welcome to join us in person at the Jazz Gallery and bring food or drink to share. There will also be an online alternative through Jitsi meet for those who prefer to participate virtually. The workshop is designed to be interactive and rooted in critical pedagogy. Study materials (podcasts and/or articles) will be released on to help participants prepare in advance.

Study Materials

  1. Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win: US Prisoners Collectively Resisting Against Systems of Death, by Colleen Hacket and Ben Turk, 2018, for Fires Inside Collective. Read online. Imposed for printing. Sorry, no audio version is available. A book chapter describing the historical and theoretical framework Ben will bring to the workshop.
  2. Restorative Justice in Northeast Syria. Alex’s new essay based on interviews with organizers from Rojava on ABOLISHmke.
  3. Resistance, solidarity, and repression in Wisconsin. A recent ABOLISHmke article summarizing recent prisoner resistance activities in Wisconsin. Read online. Listen to audio version.
  4. What is Black August? A recent political education event with Devin Anderson from Milwaukee’s African American Roundtable and Hiram Rivera from the Community Resource Hub in Philadelphia introducing some basic history of the prisoner resistance movement to a Milwaukee context.

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