Ep. 18 – What Is Black August? (AART Special)

This is a special edition of the ABOLISHmke podcast.
Rather than an audio version of an article we want to boost a powerful conversation that occurred recently in Milwaukee’s abolitionist community. On Thursday August 19, the African American Round Table hosted a facebook live conversation between Devin Anderson and Hiram Rivera called “What is Black August?” We’re sharing the unedited audio of that conversation so that more people can hear it.
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Workshop resources for Tuesday August 31

These are resources to help participants prepare for our interactive abolitionist workshop on Tuesday August 31, 2021.

Event Details:

Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts
926 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI
Donations accepted for JGCA and SHUTEMDOWN2021

Description: Join us for a potluck and interactive two-part abolitionist workshop. In part one, we envision prison abolition not as an abstract ideal or long-term aspiration, but as a force growing within from the rebellions of prison captives. In part two, we learn practical lessons about how to achieve restorative justice through international solidarity with Indigenous-led anticolonial autonomous movements in northeast Syria and the southeast Mexican region of Chiapas.

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March on GBCI!

Join us on August 28, 2021 as we march on the prison to confront and expose the routine atrocities staff commit with the tacit support of local and state authorities. 

Green Bay Correctional Institution

Staff at GBCI have been abusing and killing people with no repercussions or even public scrutiny for too long. Join us on August 28, 2021 as we march on the prison to confront and expose the routine atrocities staff commit with the tacit support of local and state authorities. Read more about, and help share the action on Facebook or instagram. To coordinate transportation or ask questions, contact us at abolishmke@protonmail.com, or send Ben a text or signal message: 614-704-4699.

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Ep 10 – March on GBCI

This is an audio version of “March on GBCI” published at ABOLISHmke.com on August 18, 2021.

Music thanks to snag. snagmke.bandcamp.com

ABOLISHmke, news and analysis from a bad place. We write from an anti-authoritarian perspective on police, prisons, and more in the so-called state of Wisconsin.

We will publish anything sent to us that conforms to our editorial standards for authenticity, conflict, and rigor. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions: abolishmke [at] protonmail [dot] com.

Block Party SED 2021

Abolition on Every Block Party, Harambee Milwaukee

On July 31st, Jailhouse Lawyers Speak announced plans for an “Abolition on Every Block Party,” and a handful of collaborators with both ABOLISHmke and the MKE Lit Supply put one together for 2pm-10pm on the 3000 block of Buffum street in Harambee, Milwaukee. 

In preparation for #ShutEmDown2021, we’ve been working for a couple months on building coalitions throughout the city to see what kind of support we can pull together. In addition to spreading the SED2021 message with our community, this block party was also a good opportunity to continue the ongoing conversations and planning for August 21st — September 9th. 

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Shut’em Down Wisconsin

Find SHUTEMDOWN Wisconsin events here or on the sidebar menu (bottom of page if on phone). We are planning more actions, workshops, and events.

Wisconsin organizations that have sponsored the strike and are working with us to make things happen include: MKE Lit Supply, Party for Socialism and Liberation-Milwaukee, Prison Action Milwaukee, Black and Pink: Milwaukee, and others. We’re also excited to have also partnered with local creatives who are setting up concerts and events.

More about SHUTEMDOWN: Jailhouse Lawyers Speak is calling on organizations and coalitions to host demonstrations around the country that highlight historic and current struggles of incarcerated people and call for abolition of the prison industrial complex. The demonstrations are set to take place on August 21st, the anniversary of George Jackson’s assassination, and on September 9th, the anniversary of the uprisings at Attica.

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