Dear amerika (by Tommie Carter)

Kenosha police protecting businesses during the uprising.

Imposed PDF of this article available for printing here.

It is easy for a person to cry out for revenge until they, themselves, have to promenade in the shoes of the one being murdered. I give everyone fair warning, further reading of this article will result in perceptual disturbance….

The “war on crime” really translates to a war on black and brown people as well as poor people in general. Such a profound contradiction you find in this type of society: the act of waging a “war on crime” when you create, through your chosen means of production, the conditions that create and harbor crime. And when you force these conditions on sections of people through government policy and through consequential machinations of the capitalist system, you’re essentially criminalizing whole sections of people, in this case Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans.

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